Proof of Purchase Contest

Proof of Purchase Contest:

I’m holding a contest for readers and reviewers of my books. However, this time it isn’t a free contest but I promise the prize will be worth it for one lucky reader. I am giving away a $50.00 USD amazon gift card. The contest will end July 31, 2015.


How to enter:

To enter the contest all you have to do is buy one of my books between today and July 31st 2015 and take a screenshot thanking you for your purchase of my book. Then send the screen shot to me via Facebook private messenger along with your email address. Each book purchase will get you one entry token into the contest. Now if you also review the book and send me the review screen shot or link, you will earn two more tokens, per review. That’s a possibility of three entry tokens per book. Your odds are better than scratch tickets and you can buy the book from whichever online retailer you usually use.


All books must be paid for, no free book reviews and any returns will be automatically disqualified. Does it look like I’m trying to sell books? Because I am. 🙂

List of Books to choose from:

A Succubus’ Guide to Gold Digging (A Paranormal Romantic Comedy)

succubusguide cover


All Madison ever wanted was to fall in love. For a Succubus coming from a long line of gold diggers, this makes her the black sheep of this strictly matriarchal family line. But with the mystery surrounding her mother’s unfortunate death after vaginal reconstructive surgery and Madison’s discovery that she’s been cut from the will, she decides to take up the family trade in order to hire a detective.

Regrettably, after being shot by the pregnant wife of her present sugar daddy, during her mother’s funeral, Madison’s is unable to use her powers of persuasion on men. This means she’s going to have to become a gold digger the old fashioned way. Lucky for her, long time con-artist, Luca takes pity on Madison and he’s willing to help. The fact that he has an Irish accent and looks like a Greek underwear model, is just icing on the cake.

Karma Effect (A Paranormal Romantic Comedy)

karma final


Had Teagan known that her childhood babysitter was a witch, maybe she wouldn’t have had the woman’s car towed or shaved off her eyebrows. One dark curse and twenty years later, Teagan has learned her lesson about Karma but it seems Karma isn’t done with her yet and things are only getting worse.
Having come to the conclusion that her only option is to try and outrun her bad luck, Teagan and her dog, Charms, hit the open road. Karma on the other hand, isn’t having any of it and one break down later, Teagan finds herself stranded in the woods of West Virginia.
Blake isn’t sure what to think when he finds the curly haired ginger lost on his property. He’s worried she might be connected to the mob. The same mob that’s he’s been hiding from for the past six months. But you know what they say, keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Teagan is one enemy he wouldn’t mind keeping very close.

(NOTE: Karma Effect is exempt from the review submission portion of the contest. It is available for pre-order but won’t be published until September 1st, 2015)

Bad Larry and the Divorcee (Romantic Comedy 18+)

BadLarryandtheDivorcee-seal added


~Editor’s Pick~

Riya’s divorce gift to herself is to adopt a dog. Bad Larry and Riya meet at an animal shelter and quickly bond over their mutual hatred of men. Riya promises the little dog that she’ll never let anything bad happen to him again, if he promises to make it hard for her to bring any men back to her apartment, in a moment of weakness.

Jaden is investigating the murder of one of Riya’s high school classmates and after a strange first encounter in a public bathroom, he asks her out. She shoots him down but he’s determined to get to know her better, despite her warnings of owning a dangerous, man-hating dog.

Riya has no choice but to let Jaden into her life when she starts getting threatening letters from the killer but are she and Bad Larry ready to give Jaden an honest shot?

The Semi-Perfect Life (Romantic Comedy 18+)

semi-perfect cover art


~Editor’s Pick

Summer thinks her life is perfect until the night after her promotion when realizes how imperfect it all is without someone to share it with. In an act of desperation she decides to have a one-night stand—in an effort to avoid silly things like long-term commitments and marriage.

She finds what she’s looking for in a handsome bartender named Jason. The next morning during an awkward goodbye they witness a murder and one escaped serial killer later they suddenly find themselves living in the witness protection program as husband and wife.

Backwoods Bailout (Romantic Comedy 18+)

Backwoods Bailout Cover Art


Lacy is recently divorced and decides she is going to live her dream of being a full-time writer. She uses every dime she has to buy a perfect little log cabin in the woods. Unfortunately, just as she’s getting settled in, the real owner of the house returns.

Marcus isn’t upset to find the curvy brunette sleeping in his bed, but he is surprised. He knew his ex was going to take their breakup badly but he didn’t think she was going to con someone into buying his house. Now, he finds himself bailing Lacy out.

The Fox and the Hound (Romantic Comedy 18+)



Holly is just restarting her retirement from a life of white collar crime when an old friend finds his way back to her. Peyton Shepherd, AKA The Reaper, is the bad guys’ number one retrieval expert when they are looking for someone, and right now they’re looking for Holly.

She usually doesn’t worry about these guys because she can con her way out of pretty much anything but Peyton has apprehended her before. This time he is a little more motivated to bring her in because the last time she left him handcuffed naked to a headboard, borrowed his identity, and stole his favorite car. Holly didn’t think a year was long enough for him to forgive and forget but if he did finish the job, she knew it wasn’t a meeting she’d walk away from.


2 comments on “Proof of Purchase Contest

  1. Evita P. says:

    I’ll see what I can do, but I have all of your books under M. Levesque, which I purchased a while back, Karma Effect says it’s not available until September? So the only one I might be able to purchase within the time frame is A Succubus’ Guide to Gold Digging 🙂


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