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As with most of the books I write, I was inspired by events in my life. Bad Larry is basically about a recent divorcee that adopts a dog that hates men. I myself have never owned a man hating dog but up until recently I did own a pair of Dobermans. I’d gotten the dogs when I was with my ex-boyfriend of 6 years and when the relationship ended, the dogs were the only thing I took with me, besides my clothes. Though the animals in question were very well trained and sweet, I used people’s assumption of the breed to keep me safe and to keep them (men) at a distance.

I was on a mission, you see. Upon the breakup I realized that I’d never been alone and at that point in my life I was far happier alone than with anyone. So I promised myself that I would be single for at least a year before dating anyone. This was a harder task than I expected since a friend of mine was hell bent on hooking me up with every eligible male in the thirty mile radius. So we’d go out and I’d only find out afterwards that she’d arranged for men to meet up with us. I’d politely accept their company for the evening but never had any plans of seeing them again or bringing them home. For this not so smooth let down I would simply tell them that I had two Dobermans that didn’t like strangers. I found that a man’s sex drive drops considerably at the thought of being violently torn limb from limb by a pair of blood thirsty dogs.


As with most things in life, I began to heal and I realized my prior relationship had been over for far longer than the 8 months since I’d finally moved out. Then, I met Mr. Right. The timing was off by four months but I told myself to give him a chance to screw things up by himself. So I set him up to fail. After a few dates, when he still hadn’t managed to mess up despite my wishing for him to do so, I invited him over to watch a movie and meet the dogs. His first reaction to having a pair of giddy Doberman Pinschers trot up to him and stick their noses in his crotch was what one might expect as he pressed himself against the wall and squelched the look of terror on his face. This may or may not have been my fault since I’d never actually told him the dogs were so sweet they were practically made of sugar. I’d done this intentionally as I wasn’t sure yet if he passed my barrage of tests.


My biggest test came when after dating for only a couple more weeks I asked him to baby sit the dogs for four days while I visited a friend out of town. Within hours he called me in a panic. The dogs had eaten a bunch of bananas (and he didn’t know if bananas killed dogs) when he had gone into town to pay my electric bill…that I’d forgotten to. In my defense I really had intended to pay said bill before leaving town but it slipped my mind. I remember the mortification that came over me at the thought that if he were testing me as harshly as I was testing him, he’d probably realize that my fruit stealing dogs and I might not be worth the effort.

I assured him that this was a frequent occurrence and the dogs would be fine. Then I admitted my whole plan of setting him up to fail. That I didn’t know how or why he’d lasted this long and that the money I’d left on my dresser was yet another test. He laughed at my weak admission because he’d known what I was up to all along. Then he admitted how scared he had been to babysit because he’d never had a dog before but he was willing to try if it meant getting on my good side. He told me he knew he had to impress the dogs if he ever intended on impressing me.


The rest, as they say is history. Eight years later, I am still waiting for Mr. Right to mess up but I don’t think that’s going to happen. So, despite the fact that I’m being forced to wear a dress and take pictures, we’re getting married in the fall. He managed to pass every test we ever put him against. He has the patience of a saint and quietly tolerated two large dogs sharing our bed, eating our bananas and politely ignoring every command he gave them. We went through the ringer together, surviving natural disaster, job loss, a near drowning and eventually the loss of both our cherished dogs but we came out in the end better for it.

Also some of you have probably already seen this but for those of you who haven’t I will be donating 10% of my profits from Bad Larry and the Divorcee to animal rescue. For updates on this and my upcoming releases please revisit my blog.

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Riya’s divorce gift to herself is to adopt a dog. Bad Larry and Riya meet at an animal shelter and quickly bond over their mutual hatred of men. Riya promises the little dog that she’ll never let anything bad happen to him again, if he promises to make it hard for her to bring any men back to her apartment, in a moment of weakness.

Jaden is investigating the murder of one of Riya’s high school classmates and after a strange first encounter in a public bathroom, he asks her out. She shoots him down but he’s determined to get to know her better, despite her warnings of owning a dangerous, man-hating dog.

Riya has no choice but to let Jaden into her life when she starts getting threatening letters from the killer but are she and Bad Larry ready to give Jaden an honest shot?


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  1. This is a fantastic story. I’m glad you’ve found your own HEA. ❤

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