Walk a Mile in Madison’s Shoes…

book club party


Madison Knowles the main character in A Succubus’ Guide to Gold Digging, is a Succubus and she’s a gold digger…but she never wanted to be. Madison comes from a long line of gold digging Succubae but her goal in life was to fall in love. (Which kind of makes her the black sheep of the family) Unfortunately the circumstances surrounding her mother’s mysterious and untimely death, leave Madison homeless, alone and inexplicably without her Succubus Mojo. So without a lot of options she turns to the Gypsies for guidance.

She learns that she needs to find a way to make a lot of money, very quickly so she can hire an investigator to look into her mother’s death, and only one way to do that comes to mind. The problem is, Madison didn’t exactly pay attention to her mother’s training over the years and without her powers of persuasion she’s pulling this con, the old fashioned way and she needs a professional’s help.

Madison suddenly finds herself living in a potentially haunted mansion with a sexy male Gypsy named Luca who is supposed to be off limits but he keeps sleepwalking into her bedroom in the middle of the night, with his shirt off. She’s working as a maid and wearing thrift store throwaways and the only thing keeping her from losing her mind completely, is writing down the steps to becoming a gold digger, in an effort to stay focused. This is taking on the job training to a whole new level.

So my question to all of you is this…If you found yourself living in an abandoned house with a totally hot guy, complete with an Irish accent and the bad habit of kissing you senseless in the middle of the night…what would you do?

Would you…

A. Risk the wrath of the Gypsies and climb that green eyed stud, like a horny spider monkey?

B. Stay on track with the gold digging thing and consider the big picture. Sure Luca looks like fun but he’s just some guy that’s risking his life to help you. It’s no big deal. This happens to you at least once a week.

C. Try to do both and hope that everything magically works out as you both ride into the rainbow sunset on the back of a unicorn named Sparkles?

D. Read the book and find out. (wink, wink)

Oh yeah I almost forgot. Before you answer, factor in that you’re a starving succubus and you haven’t fed in weeks and every time you lock lips with Luca you’re a little worried you might lose control and drain him like a 7-11 Big Gulp.

Okay, answers in the comments section below and please elaborate.

I will read all of your responses and chose my top two favorite answers.

First place


Second Place



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